Free Inspection – Get an American Pest Control Inspection

American Pest Control is a company dedicated to the management, prevention, and elimination of termites in the United States and Canada. Started by the late Gene Higginbotham a native of Oconee County located in northeast Georgia, American Pest Control has grown into a global pest control firm with a wide variety of pest control products for a multitude of pests. The company was started by the late Gene Higginbotham, a former boat salesman from Fort Walton Beach, Florida who was inspired to found American Pest Control after watching an insect extermination company kill thousands of termites. Gene had been impressed with the way the exterminators killed the insects and thought that he could help prevent the need for the same thing.

An employee, Lorraine Broyles, became the company’s first General Contractor and grew to become one of the largest Contractors in the United States. Over the years the company expanded and now has over 12 states plus territories across the United States. A free inspection of their facility is available for any customer to come in and see the work that has been done. If you have an existing pest problem but do not know exactly what to do next, an inspection from American Pest Control can provide insight and direction for how to eliminate those pesky pests.

The company prides itself on having the best possible service and products to meet customers’ needs. Employees are trained to meet the customer’s needs and are happy to do so. They have a large inventory of products for all sorts of pest control problems. With the help of a trained technician they will be able to identify the pest, treatment options, and recommend the most effective product to rid the customer of the problem.

American Pest Control does not believe in using chemical pesticides when combating these insects because they are considered to be harmful to humans and the environment. All pest control technicians are tested before working on a customer’s home whether they be residential or commercial. This way they know exactly what they are going to apply to the home whether it is a home, business or other structure. When a customer calls in an issue the technician goes to the customer’s home and inspects everything. Once inside he/she then determines which option works best based upon the severity of the issue and what options are readily available to them from the American Pest Control technicians.

Once the technician identifies what needs to be done he/she will then give the customer service representative for a quote. This is done in such a manner where the customer service representative is not being paid anything for the visit but rather is receiving a discount on the price. It is recommended that no more than three quotes be given to one customer at a time as it can become confusing for a customer when dealing with a variety of different companies who are all trying to offer the best possible customer service.

Another excellent reason for getting an inspection done by an American Pest Control company would be to find out if the company is using the best possible service to eliminate pests in your home whether it is your yard house, business or other structure. If you do not have an inspection performed then you are not getting the most effective assistance from an American Pest Control Company. A free inspection is definitely a good idea since this way an American Pest Control Company will know what pests you have in your home and the best way to get rid of them. Getting rid of pests for good is what every homeowner should strive to do when dealing with any type of pests and American Pest Control companies know just what to do to help you get rid of those pests for good.

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