Lost My Car Keys

A friend of mine had his car keys stolen recently. He was on his way to work one morning, and when he got in his car to get something to eat, the door suddenly lock up. When he tried to open it, the locksmith told him to go home and call a locksmith right away because he’d have to replace the locks overnight. What was he supposed to do?

The Lost My Car Keys him told him not to worry, since there’s a company called Lost-My-Car-Car-Keys that specializes in auto-lock replacement. This particular company specializes in key cutting and is their specialty. They’re also an emergency locksmith service. So they could definitely replace the keys immediately and he didn’t have to worry about calling them in the middle of the night, which was taking him off work.

Well, it turned out that the Lost-My-Car KEYS was a scam. The Lost-My-Car-KEYS company was not established long, and it had no offices or employees. They didn’t even have a web site! How could this be the answer to his problem? This story is so common, I’m going to give you a simple solution to avoid getting your car key stolen. Don’t put your personal information on an online form or advertisement, so that no one can gain access to it.

Another good reason not to give your information to anyone you don’t know is to protect your vehicle from being stolen. You can do this by getting an annual car insurance policy. If you have a security or car alarm system in your vehicle, make sure that your provider offers coverage for car keys stolen in the city or state where you live. That will help prevent someone from simply taking your auto insurance policy or vehicle and running off with it.

If you do get your car key lost or broken into, never try to open the door yourself. You should always call a locksmith to assist you. I recommend that you remain calm and try to determine if you locked the key yourself. If you lock the keys inside the vehicle, and it’s all downhill from there, then calling a locksmith is a good idea. It’s better to know that a professional is on the way to unlock the door than to risk having the lock broken and your car key lost or worse.

In addition, if you get a spare replacement key for the door locks, never write on them or remove them from the fob. You should also never use a pen or paper to write on the fob or the transponder inside. A professional locksmith will be able to see through any writing and see the lock in place and work to get your car keys back.

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